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International student contest, 2023/2024

Answers to Participants' questions ‘Concept for landscaping of the area at the Ostrozky-Lubomyrsky Castle in Dubno (Ukraine)’:
  1. A map in .dwg format has been uploaded to the Participants' the competition website [download DWG file].
  2. Surfaces – the historic limestone pavement should be preserved, its outline is shown in red, in the file "courtyard stand" link to the file: [download].
  3. Existing greenery can be re-designed (unfortunately information on historic species of trees, shrubs, perennials has not been preserved).
  4. New versions of small architectural solutions can be proposed (the existing fountain is a recent creation) and/or together with the location in the castle courtyard, taking into account the period of the creation and expansion of the castle from the end of the XV-XVIII century.
  5. The gazebo can be removed and the designers can propose another solution – open square/lawn, roofing – for organised events and celebrations. It is suggested to remove part of the garage building (the building with the red gates) – in the photos).
  6. Nothing should be built in the courtyard. Only small architecture elements may be added (benches, litter bins, lighting elements, light temporary canopy, fountain, information boards, gazebo).
  7. Printouts of the boards in 100cm x 70cm format should be sent in a tube or properly protected against damage.
  8. The competition work should be prepared in English due to the international character of the competition [photographs Zamek Dubno]

Decision No. 67/2023 of the Rector of the Hugo Kołłątaj University of Agriculture in Kraków Dated 17 November 2023 on the implementation of the Rules of the International Student Contest ‘Concept for landscaping of the area at the Ostrozky-Lubomyrsky Castle in Dubno (Ukraine)’.

Contact: dr inż. arch. kraj. Magdalena Wilkosz-Mamcarczyk (, dr inż. arch. Barbara Olczak (

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